Pioggia anche oggi… Rain also today

by Samuele Sodini

Ciao my friends,

Also today is raining in Lucca and even if the temperature is allow this climate absolutely does not show the true face of summer…

Tonight dinner in a new restaurant recommended by friends. Tomorrow you will know my vote.
Bye, bye and good weekend from your wet Tuscany…

…ok, a quick comment about the restaurant where yesterday evening I and some friends have had the pleasure of dining:

The Amphitheatre, this is the name of the restaurant is for sure a carefully well restored build and the owner, a 38 years old calabrese guy, a person very welcoming. The kitchen, typical of Tuscany, is monitored closely and food up to expectations. Why then, despite all this there never recommend a try? Simple … calandomi ( google didn’t translate this world… ok, calandomi means thinking like… ) a tourist who passed here in this area spending perhaps 1 or 2 weeks and therefore will have no way of appreciating every nuance of Tuscany, certainly not appreciate the fact that dinner is served in an old building, although well restored, virtually inserted in an industrial context …
And to conclude this my comment I will use a typical motto of our parts that makes it particularly good idea:

Even the eye wants its share …


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