Tuscany – Fruits of the forest

by Samuele Sodini

Fruits forest of Tuscany

Fruits forest of Tuscany

In the abundant glades the slopes of Tuscany Apennines, bilberry picking is widespread due to the good soil.
There are, however, many other typical tuscan fruits of the forest as strawberries  and raspberries.
The cultivation of other species such as redcurrants and gooseberries ha salso begun and wonderful jams are produced.
recent business initiatives have created a true market in many  areas of Tuscany for fruits of the forest, whether they be fresh.
Such as the quality strawberries, or preserved. “Garfagnino Mushroom” alone merits a visit to the area, its smell and taste remain inimitabile, whether fresh or dried, coke followiing the traditional recipies of  Valle del Serchio (Lucca area).

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