Tuscan biscotti

by Samuele Sodini

Almonds for Tuscan biscotti

Almonds for Tuscan biscotti

A typical Tuscan biscuit from Capalbio – Tuscan biscotti

5 eggs
1/2 kg of sugar
flour as is necessary
400 gr of shelled almonds
lemon rind (grated)
just a tip of leaven for walnuts

Arrange the flour on the pastry board, break off eggs and to shake them, add the sugar, the lemon rind, the almonds,  and a tip of leaven. Paste to get a soft paste. Form some rolls and put them in a buttered pie.
Put into an oven with moderate temperature for about half an hour.
After,  cut rolls in little slices large as a finger, put back in the oven again the biscuits to obtain the optimal cooking.

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samcatlu March 10, 2010 at 3:41 pm

Amazing Tuscan biscotti!

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