Yacht rental Italy

by Samuele Sodini

Yacht rental Italy

Allow yourself the luxury.
Beautiful dream yachts: renting Versilia’s best
A life of luxury and the chance to chenge looks at will. This is the dream that inspired Noleggio Versilia Rent Luxury, specialized in rentals of high-end vehicles and vessels.

For an “escape” to Sardinia on a splendid yacht or vacation in Versilia behind the wheel of a gleaming Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley or Lamborghini.
The agency takes care of every detail, including theft, fire damage, comprehensive, and UM/UIM coverage, a broad spectrum of short-and long-term rental formulas, and contracts of up to one year’s duration.

Noleggio Versilia Rent Luxury
Via Verdi 17 RonchiĀ  – Phone: +39 338 9042127
Web-site: www.noleggioversilia.com

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