Bread and Tomato Soup

Ingredients for four persons:

300 gr. of stale Tuscan bread

500 gr. of ripe tomatoes

Two whole leaks or three cloves of garlic

Some basil

1 lt. of meat broth

Extra virgin olive oil

Salt and pepper

Bread And Tomato Soup


Mince the leak ( or the garlic ) and make it brown in a saucepan with six spoonfuls of olive oil, add the tomatoes in pieces and plenty of basil. After a few minutes, add the bread cut in pieces and the meat broth very hot. Cook half an hour ca.

We suggest to prepare the Pappa al pomodoro two or three hours before you serve it, so the bread will soak up the broth and the soup will have a better consistence.

Warm before serving, ladle out and add a little of fresh olive oil.


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