samuele sodini I invite you to experience a truly enchanting holiday in one of my Tuscan Villas.

Hi, my name is Samuele Sodini, owner of Villa al Boschiglia and Casale Sodini, where I serve as both proprietor and vacation counselor.

Yes, during the years renting my villas I have also been an advisor for my guests… and sometimes being an advisor can be hectic, but rewarding for the soul.

Being an advisor is one of the highlights of operating the villas, as I get energy from interacting with others. Being able to do that in a way that can make a positive difference for the experience of a guest makes it doubly enjoyable.

As advisor, I have a number of responsibilities to my visitors:

* Helping select what my guests should not miss during their holiday in Tuscany
* Being available to listen and to give right suggestions for appropriate resources
* Sometimes trying to anticipate their needs

These are the generic things I do. But just as importantly, I try to be an advisor who cares. When I’m meeting with my guests and friends, they are the focus of my attention. As much as I can, I let the phone ring, I ask those interrupting to wait, and try to spend as much time as necessary to deal with any issues an advisee might have.

I don’t have a degree in advising or counseling. My advising expertise arises from my personality, my personal and professional experiences, the tours, and the reading I’ve done. I do the best I can to assist my guests. I also try to understand when a situation is beyond what I can do and when I need to refer someone for a higher level of assistance. As with life in general, I can only just keep trying to get better

My reward is in seeing my guests happy, enjoying an unforgettable holiday under the Tuscan sun!