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Today I invite you to discover more about this little corner of Tuscany: Colonnata and the Lardo di Colonnata. This is a Protected Geographical Indication of the typical village on the Apuan Alps (Tuscany), in the province of Massa Carrara. The Lardo di Colonnata is produced by fat pig seasoned in the hollows of Carrara marble.

In these areas the marble is used to store food. From the marble fact derive the hollows in which they are stowed in layers alternate surface of pig lard and salt with the aromas: pepper, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, sage, rosemary. The basins, rubbed with garlic, temperatures and humidity, so the finished product has unique characteristics. The bathtub is full deck, and then checked periodically reopened around 6-10 months later to maturing completed.

The lardo di Colonnata it looks wet, white light pink and presents a uniform and soft texture. It has a delicate flavor and crisp, almost sweet, savoury when coming from the area of the buttocks, enriched with the herbs and spices used in processing and the fragrant scent.

His ideal is to use natural, cut into thin slices. In the past was considered a simple condiment or companatico “poor” for workers in quarries. Over time has been re-evaluated today and you can taste as flat-alone or in unusual combinations, such as with the shellfish.

Why don’t visit this autentic part of Tuscany and discover more about the deep story of this products? Just a suggestion!

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