The year -long celebration of the 150th anniversary of Puccins birth is now drawing to a close.

His actual birthday  on 22 december will be celebrate musically  with a concert in the Teatro  del Giglio with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and solo artists.

This has been a remarkable year in Lucca  for Puccini fans, old and new,with the opportunity   to see and hear almost his entire works, including  rarely performed operas such as  Le Villi and Edgar.

However , the Buon Compleanno concert is no so much Saynara as See You  Soon since  this gala event will be fallowed on the first of January  by chamber concert with a hour and a half  of some of his  most celebrate arias as well as music by one of his contemporaries, Emilie Tavan, who composed for silent films. In the afternoon what could be nicer after a Hogmanay party.

The 2008  Puccini Project was orchestrated by a number of bodies not  only to give an overview of his work but to help consolidate and develop the commercial and tourism potential of the maestro for the benefit of the Provincie of Lucca, as  a stepping stone to increasing business for hotels and other tourism-related commerce.

This year hotels and restaurants were given opportunity to buy tickets at 10E so they could offer guests and customers  a special package with significant cultural  highlight. The  aim , also, is to stimulate tourism during the off -season-the New years Day concert is an example of this and intended to be annual event.


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