For quite a few years now a number of the airlines labelled “low-cost airlines in Europe have been taking part in a fares war attempting to offer the lowest air fares to a huge number of cities throughout Europe. It’s quite normal to see that one of the leading budget carriers such as Easyjet or Ryanair has an offer of return flights from the UK to Spain, Germany or France for £1 (approx $1.45). There might be airport landing fees and taxes to be added to the fare, but it’s still a real bargain if you’re looking to see a number of European cities. One of the major disadvantages of flying with the budget airlines is that they often fly to the smaller local airports instead of the better known biginternational ones. This can mean that a flight that is supposed to be flying to a major European city actually lands up to fifty miles away. In fact there are a number of advantages with this arrangement, the municipal airports will always provide a much quicker service on check-in and luggage since they’re catering for far fewer flights. The disadvantage is that transportation serving these airports can be scrappy at best and a very popular option is hiring a car from the airport. Here are some of the wonderful cities that we have visited using cheap flights. We are confident that you would enjoy visiting any of these great, they certainly have a lot to offer to visitors to their country.

Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow, once the butt of so many jokes about the slums of the Gorbals has undergone a Renaissance and is now a fascinating, architecturally diverse city supporting a huge number of tourists throughout the year. The chic West side of the city is the home of the fourth oldest university in the U.K.. Situated on a hill in the middle of the Medieval region of Glasgow, the students contribute a great deal to the fun loving and vibrant atmosphere of that area. The low cost carriers utilise Prestwick Airport which is approximately 35 miles (51 km) to the north east of the city centre and you will find an excellent road between the airport and the city centre. It’s a popular area for sightseeing, so you are advised to hire a car at Glasgow Airport before setting out on your journey. An uncrowded half hour drive from Prestwick along the M77 motorway takes you to the centre of the city. Glasgow is a perfect base for a journey to the Trossachs National Park. Just 20 km (13 mile) drive out of Glasgow and you could discover sensational countryside aback a pony, whilst a 30 mile (50 km) drive eastwards along another excellent motorway will take you to Edinburgh , the city of festivals complete with Princes Street shopping, Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh Castle and the seaside.

Florence, Italy

Undoubtedly one of the most stunningly beautiful cities in Europe, Florence is served by Pisa Airport, which is 84 km (50 miles) west of the city. Rent a car at Pisa airport and you’ll be perfectly positioned to take in Pisa with its leaning tower, the wonders of historic Florence and some of Europe’s most picturesque countryside, that of the majestically beautiful Tuscany. It therefore will not come as a huge surprise that Florence is one of the leading historic cities in the whole of Europe. Once you arrive at the city of Florence you will discover that much of the centre of the city is traffic free thus preserving its many ancient architectural treasures and statues from the vibrations and pollution associated with heavy traffic. The traffic free status overwhelms you with a sense of tranquility as you meander from one fragment of history to the next. You do not need to stray too far before experiencing the ghastly, ear splitting roar of Florence’s legion of scooter riders. Other than the Ponte Vecchio the remainder of the bridges into the centre of the city are polluted, noisy places, thus giving us an added reason to stay within the ancient alleyways and tranquil sanctuaries of Florence’s wonderful piazzas.

Tours, France

Tours is the perfect centre for touring France’s wonderful Loire valley and its stunning chateaux The ideal centre for discovering the Loire Valley famed for its serious selection of palatial residences, Tours boasts quite a number of its own charms. Although the little airport is but a couple of miles out of town, it’s almost essential that you hire a car in the Loire Valley to fully explore some of the most stunning towns and villages to be found anywhere in France. A host of cultural treasures can be found scattered beside the Loire. The Loire valley is a UNESCO World Heritage site and offers scenic countryside, lots of flamboyant castles plus a good scattering of historic villages. Formerly the “Retreat of Kings” back in the days of the Renaissance and the middle ages, the Loire Valley was a favourite location for the French monarchy. Originally constructed as working fortified castles, the buildings were converted into the palatial chaeaux that you will find today. The historic towns that line the river banks are a magnet to tourists from all over the world. Towns such as Chinon, Tours and Orleans have lots to see and do whilst the most popular chateau is possibly that on the Chambord Estate. Throughout the area you will find small, family owned vineyards selling a variety of tasty wines at budget prices. Keep your eyes skinned for the word “degustation”, which means sampling I guess, and as long as ‘Le Patron’ is not enjoying a long leisurely lunch you will be made very welcome and he will be delighted to lead you through a tasting of all his wines. Naturally, it is strongly advised that you take a non-drinker as your chauffer, some of these tasting sessions can become extremely alcoholic!.


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