Tuscany - Wind Cave

Tuscany - Wind Cave

Situated in a centre of the Apuan Alps’ Nature Park in the province of Lucca (Tuscany), this iso ne of the most complete European caves, presenting an extraordinary variety of phenomena wich are competently and precisely illustrated by expert speleological guides.
Following practical walkways, we can admire under the spotlights the many wonders of the underground world: from shining stalactites and stalagmite sto polychrome flowstones, alabaster drapperie, crystal-brimmed lakes, underground water coureses and bizarre forms of erosion.
There are three itineraries:
The “first” (one hour) doesn’t have great diffrfence in height and is characterized throughout by splendid limestone formations;
the “second” (two hours), wich also includes the first, offers the fashination of a mysterious undeground river which crosses throught wide chambre of smooth rock
the third (three hours) enables you to do a complete tour of the cave and adds the thrill of a perfectly-vertical section where the walkway remains easy to follow with maximum safety throughout, even along the incredibile passages hanging over an abyss which seems toh ave no bottom.
The temperature inside is mild (+10 C°), a pleasant atmosphere both during the summer heat and during harsh winters.
Outside there is a bar, a big mineral and fossil shop with pieces from al lover the world and picnic area with benches, tables and fountains.
The beautiful surrounding landscape is very varied: those visiting the cave can estende their exursion to the Calomini Hermitage, a sanctuary which has been carved in to the rock, the Gorges of Trombacco, partly occupied by an emerald-green lake, or for those wishing to walk, to the huge natural arch of Mount Forato, or to the peak of the Pania della Croce (mt. 1858), which looks into a vast panorama of the Tyrrhenian coast.
See tourist map inside.

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