Tuscany Wine and Oil Tour

A wine tour is a discovering experience that starts from the vineyard and ends into a glass.

Tuscany is rich in high quality wine areas, each one with its own story, more or less famous, but always enchanting. 
You do not have but to slow down and begin your journey along Wine and Beauty.

The wineries we propose for our wine tours have been chosen according to the quality of their wines and to the friendly and welcoming nature of their owners and managers, mirroring the absolute passion for their work.

This selection is still in progress because our work is to research always the best! This is what we love more, discovering and falling in love with our land again everyday, hoping to transmit this passion to you.

Our wine tours usually start in the morning from the place you require, according to the distance from the wine area you want to visit. You must know that most wineries are on hilltop and country roads to reach them are not always so smooth, so it takes some time to go from a geographic area to another one and we need to plan carefully a tour as to let you enjoy it.

Visits to wineries usually start with a panoramic view of the vineyards, passing by the vat room, where the process of de-stemming the grapes and vinification is passionately explained by an expert wine guide.

Then, you visit the cellars, where wine ages in the oak barrels, and, some times, the bottling rooms, where the bottled wine reaches full refinement.Each visit ends with a wine tasting, often coupled with oil tasting (because many farms produces both wine and oil) and then, if you want, you can buy some bottle of wine and oil.

According to the schedule of a tour, you can have also lunch in a winery, a good chance to understand how coupling wine and food! Anyway, each tour is carefully planned for you and according to your requests and needs and we will always be happy to realize your ideas!

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