Tuscany sailing

Welcome in Tuscany, awaiting you are more than six tundre kilomtres of coastline, the Apennine mountains gently sloping hills and then rivers and green valleys, a context that can provide a backdrop to all activies, to any passion that you may want to carry out.
The possibilities are endless, the combinations of sports and tourism reserve ubforgettable surprises, and however concetrated you are on your activity, you won’t be able to without casting a glance at everything that surronuds you, boosting your emotions and multiplying your memories.
For  everybody yearning for a solida and a bit of relaxation, but who after a couple of hours lazing around feel like prisoners, we have some very interesting ideas.
How about a course that unites movement with learning on the Island of Capraia? Well, you could learn the difficult  art of nature photography, while on the nearby Island of Giannutri you will be offered a course in bird watching, as well as the tempting opportunity to visit the Roman Villa and learn to cook fish like in the island’s restaurants.
For thoose constantly on the go, there are walks in cities of art like Siena, and cycling on the tracks scattered about the spectacular countryside of the Crete.
But also visits to castles and glimpse over ancient remains from the Lunigiana to the Chianti area.


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