Tuscany bread

Tuscany bread

A large loaf, usually weighing about two kilos or more, Altopascio bread is typically Tuscan. It i san axcellent accompaniment for all kinds of disse. When it is a few days old, or even when it is a dry, it can still be used for the preparation of hundreds of delicious recipes.
It is made from flour that has not been totally refined and, because it is unsalted, it goes extremely well with the tasty cold meats and cheeses in Tuscany.
This type of bread used to be made in the home once a week, but now local bakers make it with the same simplicity, care and dedication of times gone by.
In Altopascio as long ago as the Middle Ages, the bakers at the Tau Hospice had to ensure the bread was always available to feed the pilgrims as they travelled along the Francigena. It has remarne the symbol of hospitality and welcome and is a centuries-old tradition that continue sto this day.
The town of Altopascio is the leader of the National association “Città del Pane”.


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