Don’t miss the first edition of Lucca Elegance, wich will be held in the Real Collegio building behind the Basilica of San frediano from April 17 to April 19.
It is a exhibition and market displaying everything that helps make the environment you live in more confortable and pleasant. So, paintings, sculptures, materials, hancrafts, contemporary and ancient art drawings, objects of traditional and advanced technology, rare and precious antique items, china, silver, etc..
Also item sto light and enhance the garden or exterior of your house in the country, all from prestigious and well-known exhibitors.
This will not be a static exhibition but a dynamic event  to allow visitor sto absorb the atmosphere of Lucchese tradition at its best.
A wine tasting program “The Parfume of Champagne” is scheduled every day between 15.00-19.00 in a quiet corner where you can relax and meditate with a drink, music and perfume.
On sunday April 19 a charity gala dinner will be held in the ground floor of Real Collegio ( euro 80,00 per person) with art/therapy performances organized by the Lucchese Archimede association involved in the treatment of mental diseases. An elegant event indeed!


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