Tettuccio - Montecatini Terme

Tettuccio - Montecatini Terme

Tuscany is harmony: harmonium landscapes, cultures and traditional.
Physical and spiritual well-being that you feel when you first set eyes on Tuscany and let yourself get carried away by the rhythms dictated by nature, the Seasons and the variations in the sun and the moon.
There are a great many ideas, precisely because the territory is vast in size and meaning.
Awaiting you is meditation and relaxation on the scope of the Amiata, the sacred mountain, with packages for those who love being pampered, like at the San Filippo Spa, alternating treatments with nature walks to the heart of the magic volcano. Or to the atmosphere of the Casentino, sospende in time, a land of endless woods, religious monuments and profound silence where the language of reflection and meditation reigns.
The welcome programme is for who travelling alone or in groups in the centres for well being, with weekly packages, but also simple weekends, devoted to taking care of the body and mind. Then you can consider taking the waters and their prodigious effects, the spa tradition providing a natural well-being and one of the best moment sto gather your energies.
Awaiting you in Montecatini and Monsummano, are the spa pools where you can bathe in the sulphurous waters and spend the day in your dressing gown between beauty masks and relaxing massages.
In Siena area, the programmes, leave you spoilt for choice with the ample selection of stays in holiday farms or hotels combineed with itineraries through spas rich in history such as Bagno Vignoni, Petriolo or San Filippo or other such  as Rapolano, Montepulciano, Radicofani, and San Casciano dei Bagni, together with the famous Chianciano Terme, the backdrop chosen by Fellini for the film “8 e ½” where you can also visit the spa museum.


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