Villa Garzoni

Villa Garzoni Park

The Collodi village has since then developed into a recognized tourist destination and boasts three distinct attractions, which however share the characteristic of blending harmoniously with the Tuscan landscape, and inspiring visitors’ imagination to soar into wondrous realms of never-ending story and fable.
The village follows the natural curve of the hillside and is narrow, only two or three houses wide. The path twists through its center, leading straight up the mountain, with turns and stairs to facilitate the walker. There is small road along the outside perimeter, with limited parking along the way, giving local residents an option from the exhausting stair-filled path.
Collodi is famous throughout the world for having given its name to CARLO COLLODI, the pen-name of CARLO LORENZINI, the italian author and journalist, best-known as the creator of Pinocchio the wooden boy puppet who came to life.
In Collodi you can find also the “Butterfly House” splendid greenhouse-building of stone and crystal,  housing a lush tropical garden with nearly a thousand butterflies from all over the world, riginating from Amazonian, Neotropic, Afrotropic and Indo-Australian environments, feed, court and reproduce.


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