Absolutely! And even then you cannot be sure you will get where you want to go. Our family stayed at the wonderful Villa Boschiglia, near charming Lucca in the heart of Tuscany. It was the greatest place from which to take day trips throughout the region. We always left right on time, but I cannot say the same for our returns. To paraphrase, getting there (or home) was half the fun. Here are but a few of the crazy driving days we had.

Our group of eight adults traveled in two cars with two crazy drivers. Both cars set off one day for the white marble mountains of Carrara. One driver set off following the GPS while the other decided to go his own way. As a result we drove on approximate parallel routes to Carrara, but never close to each other.  Thankfully, we had phones. After many calls attempting to get back together on the drive, we gave up, and decided to meet in the town. Let’s just say one car made it to the appointed spot with no problem. The other arrived only after several more phone calls. Road signs are not posted in a way that matches American driving logic, and we used a lot of valuable minutes up that day.

On another day, that same car with a mind of its own, drove right through a NO TRESPASSING active hunting preserve. They had decided to take the scenic tour. I think everyone knows that scenic tours always take longer. This was pretty much the routine and one driver remained in hot water most of the trip, if you know what I mean. The conclusion can only be: Get a GPS for every car, a good map for backup, and instill an appropriate degree of discipline in anyone venturesome enough to serve as driver!

Posted by: Leslie Halloran


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