Devil's stone

Devil's stone

Designed by Nicolao Civitali in 1512 the Palazzo Bernardini, presently the headquarters of the Industrials Association, dominates with its imposing presence the homonymous piazza which is situated towards east not far from the S. Michele piazza.
If one looks at the first window  to the right frame is curved towards the outside.
The people from Lucca calli t the “devil’s stone” according to a very old legend.
When, during the fifteenth century, the Bernardini’s, an aristocratic family from Lucca decided to build the palazzo, a holy image situated just where the frame was placed got destre. Then when the stone got walled it curved refusing to adapt to the window.
Many attempts were done to wall it again but with no success, not even when adding metal supports. In the end the same workers, scared by the event they believed to be over natural, refused to work further. So the stone remained in the same position in wich it is today and the mystery still remains:natural event or sign of God?
There is another curiosity in the palazzo: here are kept the handcuffs which tightened the wrists of the “condottiero” from Lucca Castruccio Castracani when he was  imprisoned by Uguccione della Faggiola.


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