Anybody driving past the round about at the Viale Europe and Via Pesciatina cross road, ( a spot still referred to as Papao even thug that establishment closed at least fifteen years ago), may have been surprised even perplexed when the council erected an ultramodern statue, a sorto f dreadlock head of red tresses streaming to the Pizzorne hills. Each week you’d wonder when they’d get round to finishing it off clearing and polishing the rusty ild metal.
So Grapevine took the opportunità of the Hambros Hotel exhibition to ask the sculto Franco Pegonzi when this might happen.
Shame on us, he changed his style a couple of years ago and that rough finish is deliberate.
From the higly polished smooth lines of his marble and granite statues he has switched to a whole world of indefinite forms, and in fact the hotel garden was inhabited by his metal butterflies, gauzy animals and multi coloured ribbons floating into the blue.
Pegonzi showed grapevine round his converted bar studio in Lunata and explained how he transforms marble and stone into full size statues, table supports, ornaments, even paperwights. The gracious curves and magnificent sheen of  his works, so highly polished they seem like white porcelain, all represent perfectly his favourite themes of harmony, peace and love.
Born in Barga in 1939, Pegonzi studied art in Lucca. The Hambros exhibition has generated enquiries from many nations so his new style metal installations could shortly be visible in many far flung places such as South Korea which are already host to his previous traditional style.


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