Grotta Giusti - Swimming pool

Grotta Giusti - Swimming pool

Let’s start by di spelling that terrible myth about warm and sunny Italy.
There are millions of arthritis-aching Italians to bear fitness to the truth Italy the whole peninsula from Milan to Catania, is daine cold, foggy and damp from November through April. And just like Chicago, New York, London or paris, those balmy sun-filled days don’t return to Italy until May. Rember that film Enchanted April? Balderdash! It was filmed in June at the earliest!
So, what to do as the winter months drag on and we shuffle around the house in our wool socks, leggins, sweaters, shawls and caps dreaming longingly of swaying palm trees on some lovely Caribbean Island? Well, you’ll be pleased to know there is a quick fix just down the road and not nearly so pricey as that hotel on St. Kitts!
The spa and beauty center Grotta Giusti Terme at Monsummano Terme, a few kilometers south of Montecatini Terme is housed in a lovely 19th century stone building set in a tree-shaded park. It was founded in 1854 after some workmen excavating in a nearby lime quarry discovered the cave and under water thermal spring.
Being so nera Montecatini Terme, which was a major destination for “taking the waters”, the owners of the cave, the Nencini-Giusti family, were quick to exploit its commercial value. The spa was planned as a first-class facility and, to this day, both it and its adjoining hotel are just that.


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