Chorus: Joyful Angels Lucca

Chorus: Joyful Angels Lucca

Lucca Gospel Festival 2009 is a collaborative project by the province of Lucca and Maestro Vijay Pierallini, creator and artistic director of the Festival. Vijay Pierallini, who has been at the forefront of gospel for over a decade, has created the “Halleluja!”
This year the festival is aimed specifically at Tuscan gospel choruses and ensembles, and is naturally intended for all citizens of Lucca.
The hope i sto enrich the cultural offerings of lucca as a city of music, already host to prestigious musical events ranging from classical to lyrical to jazz by opening the door to gospel, a musical genre until now little know or appreciated in our community.
The world’s economic crisis ha salso  affected the province of Lucca, including the bodies which have traditionally financed cultural events. This has meant significant cuts both in the days and number of activities in the Festival. Nevertheless, this year’s Festival will be very exciting. It will take place over two days, entirely within the city walls, at three sites: the ex Real Collegio, the recently rebuilt Chiesa dei Servi, and as in the past the Sala Tobino of Palazzo Ducale, for the concluding event.
Along with “Vijay and Joyful Angels – Lucca Gospel Chorus” which was fonde and directed by Maestro Pierallini, four other groups without a doubt some of Italy’s best gospel choruses will principate: Voice of Heaven (Pisa), Joyful Sin gers (Carrara), For Joy (Florence) and the marvellous Jubilation Gospel Chorus (Livorno).

6 p.m. Ex Real Collegio, Lucca
Chorus: Vijay & Joyful Angels – Lucca Gospel Choir
9.15 p.m. Chiesa dei Servi, Lucca
Chorus: Jubilation Gospel Choir  – Livorno


9.15 p.m. Palazzo Ducale
Sala Tobino, Lucca
Chorus: Voices of Heaven – Pisa
Chorus: For Joy – Firenze
Chorus: Joyful Sin gers – Carrara

All concerts are free and open to the public.


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