Santa Maria Church

Santa Maria Church

The city is situated near Florence, between the valleys of Greve and Ema streams; Impruneta is “home of Tuscan terracotta and ceramics”.
The most important feature of Impruneta is the Sanctuary of Santa Maria. The basilica dates from 1060, being probably located over an ancient devotional site of Etruscan times (6th century BC). It was an important site of pilgrimage during the Middle Ages.
The basilica was bombed during World War II and now few of the original decorations can be seen. The museum connected to the basilica is home to one of the oldest known pieces of European patchwork, the so-called Impruneta Cushion, dating from the late 14th or early 15th centuries.
The current Madonna’s image is a heavy restoration by Ignazio Hugford from 1758.
The town’s Saint is St. Luc and the saint’s feast day (18th. Oct) is the highlight of a week-long festival with a Palio featuring Horse Racing a carnival and fireworks.

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