Beans soup with mushroom

Beans soup with mushroom

(serves 4)

.“Dried cannellini” beans 200 gr.
. Fresh porcini mushrooms if is possible from Garfagnana 200 gr.
. 2 small potatoes
. 4 garlic cloves
. A bunch of fresh nipitella (herb similar to majoram and mint, very popular in Tuscany)
. 4 cups of meath broth
. Salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil,, parsley soak the beans in salted water for 24 hours.
Change the water and boil the beans with two garlic cloves and two peeled potatoes, until they are tender. (For best result with this recipe: cook at minimum heat after boiling starts, and add the salt at the end of coking. I twill take more than one hour).
Save half of the beans and whisk the others together with the garlic, the potatoes and the broth.
Carefully clean the mushrooms, cut them in pieces or thick slices.
In a large pan, fry two chopped garlic cloves in oil until light gold, add the nipitella leale and the mushrooms, cook for ten minutes.
Pour the saved beans and the mushrooms into the whiskey beans and potatoes, boil for two or three minutes and serve, hot, with freshly minced parsley, black pepper from the grinder and an excellent extra virgin olive oil.


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