In spite of sensational posters for the Futuristi centenary Exhibitions in Milan, Rome and other italian cities during the first part of this year i was too lazy to get on a train and actually check them out. Of course i had bumped into the occasional striking painting in galleries abroad, and the flashing, whiriling colours set in the chaos of urban modernity did call for attention. But male glorification of machinery, the exaltation of the large, fast and powerful, the triumph of technology over nature surely something to be taken in small doses?
The 1909 Manifesto of the movement’s founder Marinetti encompassed virulent rejection of tradition, both political and artistic, comprehensible in a young man in a new century.
“We wont no part of it, the past, we the young and strong Futurists” but he also ranted about the cleansing power of war (igiene del mondo) and indeed Futurismi s often linked with Fascism.
However, stunning full page plates of Umberto Boccioni or Giacomo Balla contained in cofee table tomes with stressful titles such as 100 Paintings to See Before you Die sagge away at me, and i have to admit the aesthetics were powerful. I really wanted to know more. What a stroke of luck then that Viareggio should come to the rescue with a genuinely small dose in the shape of the exhibition Il Futurismo a Viareggio e in Versilia.
A stroll along the promenade, some designer window shopping and an hour in the GAMC (Galleria di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea) wouldn’t take much effort.

GAMC “Lorenzo Viani” Palazzo delle Muse, Piazza Mazzini, Viareggio.
Tel. 0584 581118
Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10.00-13.00 and 15.30-19.00
Entrance euro 3,00
More informations on www.gamc.it/


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