Recipes from Tuscany

Perhaps you have already tried buccellato the traditional lucchese fruit bread?
It’s poor man’s food, bread made with a few simple ingriedents, which have made it a symbol of good luck and therefore very suitable for a Celebration.
For example, it contains aniseed, thought to promote fertility in women, and raisins, still seen on the table as a sign of good luck for the coming year. And of course while you may find it in a baguette shape know as a sfilatino, it is usually made in a shape  of a circle or crown, the symbol of honour and glory. The name comes from the latin “bucella” which means a morsel, or bread for the poor. But there also existed in latin the word “buccellatum” which is probably best translated as “hard tack” or “ship’s biscuit”, the sort of iron rations provided for Roman troops.
The Buccellato is perfectly good form to dunk it in your wine or vinsanto.
You will find it in any good panificio or alimentari, and in Piazza San Michele (Lucca) at Taddeucci’s shop.


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