Artist Alessandro Cervizzi

Artist Alessandro Cervizzi express the ancient saying through the eyes of those he sculpts in terracotta. On can imagine him  looking deep into the anima of the person, and the person looking back, full of expression and life.
Alessandro’s life-size children’s portrait sculptures in terracotta have the wiede-eyed wonder of youth but they are also deep in the wisdom and expressiveness which children evoke. His small commedia dell’arte masse figures, recalling the tradition of Goldoni are intensely human with their imperfections. They are fully and richly crafted to bring out the character’s individuality. All these sculptures are finely detailed, with lips that seem to breath, warm cheeks, hair and other feauteres that match the personality.
Alessandro works on private commissions, spending long hours in his workshop at Montecarlo, using photographs to help guide his hand as he forms the clay into flesh, but also meditating on the personalità that he wants to emerge from the raw material.
Never rushing, but entering into the spirito f a piece, enjoying communication with the emerging humanity this is his preferred way of working.
The studio is always open by appointment; it’s a beautiful villa location just beyond the mediaval walls of Montecarlo di Lucca.
You are welcome to stop by if you are passing, or even to make the trip, only 15 minutes from Lucca.
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