Castle of Brolio

The Castle of Brolio was always in strategical position in Chianti area, it has a Longobard origin, today remain only the location of original small fortress. The castle was in hands of Florence except a temporary occupation of Siena until 1492.
After this event the castle returned Florentine from 1484. At beginning of the 12th century the feudal family Ricasoli from Cacchiano, took office on Castle. Today Brolio’s Castle belongs to their descendants.
The Castle is situated in a  boundless vineyards, from which since 1141 the Ricasoli produces their famous wines, place to grow old in the cellars.
Brolio is private property  but it is possible to visit  the baronial building and the walk of the ramparts, from which we can have amazing sight on the Chianti area.

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