Matteucci Annamaria Farm

If you visit Tuscany you can’t leave without have tasted the olive oil.
For many years the Matteucci Annamaria Farm produces extra virgin olive oil, is located on little hill, near Lucca, surrounded by 300 olive trees. The farm is composed of father, mother (hence the name) and two daughters.
This oil made unique by its perfect taste (yielded by perfectly ripe olives, and light bitter notes, due to the intensity of the fruity tatse revealed), colour (golden yellow with green tints) and overall bouquet, so much so that many taster who still come to the various production areas of italy to buy oil for their companies.
Up to 90% of the olives used are from the Frantoio variety and up to 20% the Leccino variety with lower percentages of Pendolino and other local minor varieties.
Don’t never forget that the olive oil is important for its organoleptic qualities and for nutritional properties which contribute to a complete and healty diet.

Olive oil tasting Tuscany:

Azienda Agricola Matteucci Annamaria
Via dei Colli 1, 51012 Veneri – Pescia (PT)
Tel +39 0572 428610 – Cel. +39 347 5755347


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