“Orecchiella” Park was born in the 1960s. It includes the Regional State Forest and three nature reserves (Orecchiella, Lamarossa and Pania di Corfino).  In the Apennine part of the Garfagnana region, one can find this natural reserve rich in flora and fauna with deers, roe deers and wolves roving freely in the wilderness.
Many species of birds, some migratory, have found their home in this ideal habitat.
The Royal Eagles, always present on the Pania di Corfino, have extended their hunting territory up to the summits of Monte Prato and Monte Vecchio.  The mountain flower garden with wonderful summer flowers  and the botanic garden “Piana di Corfino” will fascinate wildlife lovers.
The Visitors’ Center hosts reception facilities, the Nature Museum and the Museum of Birds of Prey.
The Nature Museum presents dioramas of ungulates in dynamic situations, as well as a series of three-dimensional panels which illustrate the cycle of the traditional natural elements (air, water, earth, fire).
The Museum of Birds of Prey presents the life-size reproduction of an eagle’s nest, informational panels on diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey, and display cabinets with stuffed specimens.

This Park can be reached from Castelnuovo by following the directions for Villa Collemaldina and Corfino.

For contacts:
Phone +39 0583 619098 or +39 0583 955525
Fax +39 0583 619002

GPS: 44°12’14.85″N  10°21’28.91″E


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