Tettuccio Thermal Bath

Montecatini Terme
Montecatini-Terme rises along the Valley of Nievole.
The town is a famous bath resort for the effectiveness of its chloride-phosphate-sodium waters.  The atmosphere and setting suggest bygone days, and in fact most of the baths and hotels date from the early 19th century.  But as early as the 14th century, Ugolino da Montecatini, a doctor, considered the water a good cure for liver problems.
The thermal baths were owned by the Medici and then the Dukes of Lorraine.  Montecatini began to become known in the 18th century when Piero Leopoldo carried out modernization works. Many of the buildings which surround the main park are fine examples of early 20th century architecture.

Points of Interest:
·  Terme Tettuccio is the most splendid of the baths.  It was built in 1926  in the Neo-Classical style with circular, marble-lined pools, fountains and Art Nouveau tiles depicting languorous nymphs.
·  Terme Leopoldine, built in 1926 in the style of a Classical Temple, is named after Grand Duke Leopold I.


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