Italian vegetables

Tuscan tour, Pistoia city.

Pistoia, the second largest city in Tuscany, is a town not to be missed. Standing between Monte Albano and the Appennines, the town is rich in Roman history. There is a strong medieval feel to the town and its reputation for murderous citizens (dating from the Guelphs) has persisted since the 13th century!
The word “pistol” is derived from the dagger originally used by Pistoiese and the ironwork tradition continues to this day.
The city is also famous for the production of embroideries and confectionary.
Here in the center of town, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, you will find the famous Pistoia fresh produce market. It is a beautiful site to behold. Trying to decide what to buy is a difficult decision  as there are so many choices.
Whatever your decision, you will be getting the best fresh food available.
Buon appetito!

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