Spring Weather and Climate in Italy
Spring is a nice time to travel in Italy.  It is generally pleasant in most parts of Italy although rain, and even snow in early spring, is possible.
Most parts of Italy get less rainfall in spring than in fall.
Toward the end of spring, temperatures can get quite warm and you can enjoy outdoor dining.
Top spring foods include artichokes (carciofi), asparagus (asparagi), and spring lamb (agnello).
The heat and tourist crowds of summer have not arrived and more daylight hours give more time for touring and visiting outdoor sites which sometimes close at dusk. Beaches will be less crowded and swimming in the sea may be possible in late spring.
Spring is a good time for hiking and viewing wildflowers.
You’ll find many small fairs and festivals, especially food festivals or sagre, and outdoor performances start in late spring.
Highlights of spring are spring and flower festivals, Holy Week, and outdoor concerts starting in May or June.
National holidays are Easter Monday (la Pasquetta), April 25 (liberation day), May 1, and June 2 (Festa della Repubblica).
On these days, most shops and services will be closed but many major tourist attractions are usually open.
Festivals, concerts, and processions are common, too.


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