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“A look into the invisible”
A major exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi tells the story of Giorgio De Chirico’s extraordinary artistic career and the dual impact that this painting had on modern art and painters such as Carrà and Morandi, or Max Ernst, Magritte and Balthus.
One hundred works from exclusive private collections and some of the most important museums in the world allow the visitor to explore the “Copernican Revolution” that De Chirico brought to 20th century art.
This revolution paved the way for very interesting and lively developments in European art. Between the two world wars, from Dadaism to Surrealism and Realism to Neo-Romanticism, a final blow was dealt to Cubism and the formal Avant-garde.
The choice of Florence as the venue for the exhibition is especially significant. It was here, while visiting the city in October 1909, that the 21 year old De Chirico had the intuition that was to prompt him to create his first metaphysical works.
The exhibition includes some of De Chirico most famous works from 1911 on, paintings by Carrà and Morandi, and masterpieces by Renè Magritte, Max Ernst and Balthus, which the visitors can compare and contrast with several important works by such artists as Niklaus Stoecklin, Arturo Nathan, Pierre Roy and Alberto Savinio, all of whom travelled the path first marked put by De Chirico.
A journey in pictures into unknonw territory, a “look into the invisible” allow us to explore in depth the art of De Chirico and the 20th century.

Opening hours
Tuesday-sunday 10.00 am – 8.00 pm
Monday closed

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Full price euro 10.00
Reduced euro 8.50; 8,00; 7,50; 7,00; 4,00


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