Rassicurati Theatre in Montecarlo

The Accademia dei Rassicurati Theatre now belongs to the municipality and dates back to 1795; it was the work of the Florentine architect Antonio Capretti. Its presence could go completely unnoticed, situated as it is in the row of buildings on the block between via Cairoli and Via Carmignani.
It is entered through two small doors numbered 14 and 16 on via Carmignani and it consists of a small elliptical theatre surrounded by a double tier of 22 boxes in addition to four stage boxes and gallery; it has all the characteristics in miniature of an Opera House of the 18th and 19th centuries.
The tempera decorations of the outside of the boxes and the vaulted ceiling are charming, but very much retouched and in need of further work.


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