Artichoke Omelette

Artichoke Omelette

Ingredients (serves 4)
. 4 artichokes
1. clove of garlic
1. bunch of nepitella (if you’re not reading this in Lucca use mint)
4. eggs
1. lemon
. olive oil
. salt and pepper

Prepare the artichokes (one per person) by removing the coarsest outer leaves, and cut them into slices.
Lightly fry the garlic clove in the olive oil, then add the artichokes and a bunch of nepitella (the local mint like herb), cook until everything is tender, and add salt and pepper.
Beat the eggs (one per person) with salt and pur them into the artichokes, turn the pan and using a fork, let the eggs settle under the atichokes. Cook until creamy, spread the omelette with fresh lemon juice and serve immediately.
This simple but tasty recipe is very popular all around Tuscany, mainly in spring time, when the artichokes are specially tender.
Be aware of the fact that the special flavour of this vegetable can spoil the taste of wine, so do not offer it as appetizer if you’re having a wine-tasting.


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