San Martino in Colle

San Martino in Colle
Tradition has it that this high hill which looks out over the district of pescia and part of the plain of Lucca, was the site of a fortress built by Castruccio Castracani degli Antelminelli, Lord of Lucca, to keep a lookout for threats from the Guelphs of Florence.
This small rural settlement and the little church of San Martino were built on the ruins of that foretification.
The church of San martino in Colle was founded in the 11th century and in the 19th century it was enlarged and renovated. In 1810 two altars were placed in the new transept; these and the very fine Natività della Vergine on one of the altars came from the church of San Pietro Maggiore, which was demolished to make way for piazza Napoleone in the old-town centre of Lucca.


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