Events in Tuscany


Lu.C.C.A Lucca Center of Contemporary Art, Via della Fratta 36
Steve Mc Curry and Pietro Gilardi.
Time after Time. Giuliano Ghelli Le vie del Tempo. Otto minuti dal sole, un minuto dalla luna.
Videoart open 10.00-19.00 Tuesday to Sunday. Closed Mondays. Till 5 September.

Puccini Opera Via S. Giustina 16
Various exhibitions at the association’s head quarters.
Puccini e il cinema
Posters and rawing relating to films on puccini heroines. Open 10.00-19.00 daily except  Tuesdays. Till 1 November.
Piatti di Puccini, Richard Ginori ceramics celebrating Puccini’soperas.
Puccini mai visto, memorabilia, music scores, rare photos and letters, inauguration  15 September.


Da Fattori a Casorati
Ojetti Collection. Experts have meticulously re-assembled the collection of 19th and 20th century Italian masterpieces dispersed when the Florentine home of the writer and art critic Ugo Ojetti was turned into a hotel. At the Centro Matteucci per l’Arte Moderna, via d’Annunzio 28.
Tuesday-Saturday 15.30-19.30 Sunday 14.30-20.00 closed Mondays. Till 12 September.

Galileo Chini e la Toscana
A collection of the art nouveau master’s ceramics, paintings, stage scenery- At GAMC Modern Art gallery, Piazza Mazzini 22. Open 18.00-23.00 Tuesdays to Sundays. Monday closed. Till 5 December.

Immagini della Valle del Serchio nella pittura del novecento 20th century landscape from the Garfagnana. Fondazione Ricci Till 5 September.


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