Barga proclaims itself “the most Scottish town in Italy”. These two articles give some idea why. First, Sonia Ercolini describes the town’s own very special summer “sagra”.

The Barga Fish and Chips Festival started from 23rd July to 19th August. every evening from 7.30 pm onwards you can try out our special fish and chips, fried in the best traditional Barga-Scottish way. As a matter of fact some of the very first restaurants to serve fish and chips in Scotland were opened up by our very own “barghigiani” when they emigrated there at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century.

When many of these emigrants came back to Italy, traditional fish and chips then made its appearance in Barga. In the early 1980’s to honour the history of the Barga emigrants, the barga Sports Association decided to put fish and chips on the menu at the traditional “Muletto” Festival. It was so successful that it gradually became the “Fish and Chips Festival”. Lately the success of the Festival has also been recognised in the UK with coverage in the “The Indipendent” newspapaer and special BBC TV report.

At the Festival, other tasty dishes are served alongside the traditional fish and chips: various first courses, grilled meat, cold dishes and typical home-made cakes and dessert.
The event is held at the Barga Football Stadium the “J. Moscardini Stadium”. The stadium is completely covered so you can eat there even in bad weather.

After dinner, entertainment guaranteed with live music and dancing and special evenings dedicated to piano-bar, karaoke and the 60’s, 70’s and 80’smusic. There is also a special play area where children can enjoy themselves in safety on “bouncy castle” games. Come along and enjoy the fun and the fish and chips.



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