Tuscany garden

Spring all year round.
Tuscany’s largest garden center is just outside of Pietrasanta, Giardini della Versilia, a gigantic greenhouse just outside the gates of Pietrasanta, is one of Italy’s top garden centers in terms of size, selection, and quality.

Inaugurated on March 20th to bloom with the spring season, Giardini della Versilia’s 6500 square meters of covered space, filled with plants of all kinds, gardening tools and materials, patio furniture, and much more, are bounded by the nursery: one enormous “flowerbed” bursting with essences and colors.
The garden center proposes a unique assortment, from “prefab” solutions ready for installation to consulting and delivery services but above all, ideas for new forms and atmospheres for the garden, parks, and any other open space.

The Giovanneli family’s new center expresses their love for nature, with an eye to wellbeing. Nature, because after parking in the center’s ample lot, visitors leave “human time” behind and embark on a path that follows natural rhythms, pervaded by stimulating natural fragrances, illuminated by Nature’s colors.

Wellbeing, because Giardini della Versilia is a wonderful spot for just passing time with family and friends and strolling in a green garden world, breathing in the scents of spring all year round. And for a restful pause in the relaxation/refreshment area that welcomes visitors on the upper floor.

Web-site: www.giardinia.mobi


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