Italian jewels

Celebrating Beauty in Tuscany.
Timeless creations from a craftsman-jeweler, on Forte dei Marmi’s most exclusive shopping outings, Carlo’s Marchi‘s jewerly gallery is a mandatory stop.

Marchi is a jeweler who has defended and “fashion-proofed” his classical style. His selections and proposals withstand the test of time; his creation have a inner light all their own and value that goes far beyond purely material worth: rare quality made of unicity exclusivity and personality.

Carlo Marchi Gioiellere
Via Mazzini 7, Forte dei Marmi – Phone +39 0584 83844
Via S. Lucia 28, Lucca – Phone +39 0583 491346
Via Fillungo 69 Lucca – Phone +39 0583 494885



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