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Bulding dreams in Tuscany
Many people have herad about italian bureaucracy. And there is a natural fear of purchasing property in a country where you don’t know the language or the costums.

There is “Anderò srl”, a company dedicated to finding unique locations in the lucchese hills and building luxury holiday homes for foreign and Italian buyers. What makes Anderò special is that Lou and Jim (the owners) take a personal interest in everyone they meet, becoming their personal guide through the process of home ownership.

They hope that everyone who buys a holiday home from them will become a friend, in the same way that Lou and Jim have become close friends with the people who helped make their transition to Lucca easy. it is more than just knowing the local lawyer, architect or builder. It is that personal relationships. You can see it in the enthusiasm they bring to their everyday activities, all aimed at fulfilling their company motto: building dreams in Tuscany.

They also know that foreign buyers of holiday homes want to be assured of the safety of their home want to be assured of the safety of their home when they are not resident, and many wiuld like a rental income to help offset their investment. That is why Anderò offers a wide range of property management and concierge services to owners and their guests, and a three year rental guarantee program to help buyers manage the cash flow from their holiday home.

Lou and Jim have a knack for finding special properties with exceptional features. Wheter it is the spectacular view from Villa Arsina or the tranquil valley below the church in San Gennaro, each Anderò development offers peace and beauty, along with hundreds of olive trees for the owners to share. The high quality of these for the owners to share. The high quality of these developments has attracted foreign and lucchese investors to Anderò many interested in buying their own holiday home upon the return from their investment. New investors are now being sought for future Anderò projects.

So, if you want to pursue your dream of a home in Tuscany and you find yourself in contact with Lou and Jim, don’t be surprised if you end up at Jim’s home just four miles from the walls of Lucca, learning to make pizza in his wood burning oven, overlooking the beautiful Apuan mountains. The Tuscan style pizza, the local Lucca and Montecarlo wines, and his homemade lemon ricotta torta at the end of the evening just might convince you to make Lucca Your home.

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