Tuscany landscape - San Concordio di Moriano

From Lucca to Mammoli
The are that extends along the right bank of the river Serchio from the bridge at Monte San Quirico, where the water courses down from the narrow mountain sides, is studded with villages such as Santo Stefano di Moriano, San Michele di Moriano and San Quirico di Moriano; higher up, there is Aquilea, Gugliano, Mastiano, Arsina and San Concordio di Moriano. All of them immersed in the peaceful landscape of vineyards, olive groves and woodland of the valleys and the steeper north facing slopes.

On the left side of the road leaving from Lucca there are the beautiful entrances to villa Barsanti, villa Ciurlo and villa Boccella, and the avenues and parks of other villas which can be seen from higher up the road.

The flat areas between the foot of the hills and the river Serchio, on the other hand, are geometrically patterned by extensive areas of fruit trees.
The first village, indicated by a votive cross at the turnoff for the curch, is San Quirico di Moriano, whose ancient origins are documented in a 9th century parchment that mentions the locality of Aniciano or Nicciano and the church of Saints Quirico e Giulitta.


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