Etruscan tomb

The Tumulus of Montefortini is an Etruscan tomb near Comeana, in the province of Prato, which is believed to date from the 7th century BC.
It is oval shaped, over 12 metres high, it dates from the VII- VI century B.C.

The oldest tomb, of monumental aspect, occupies the central part of the tumulus and features an unroofed dromos (corridor) that leads to a circular cell enclosed by roofing with concentric rings, supported by a pilaster.

The second tomb, dated between 620 and 590 B.C. is reached through a corridor 13 metres long, with high walls made of sandstone slabs in the lower part, blocks of alberese in the upper part.

Excavations began in 1966 and the finds are displayed in the Museum of Artimino.

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