Massaciuccoli Lake

Massaciuccoli Lake and Roman baths

Massarosa is famous for its splendid natural environment. Well-known since prehistoric times, Massarosa was inhabited during the Roman period and was so important that we still today find evidence of the ancient Roman Baths at Massaciuccoli. The environmental outings all along the famous Lake Massaciuccoli are amazing. There are the important habits connected to the ancient traditions.

Roman villa and old thermal baths Antiquarium
In Massacciuccoli Antiquarium are shown evidences of roman history, among which a beautiful mosaic floor. The visit to the museum is linked to the visit of the Roman villa within the thermal baths where in the summer takes place the review “Lune di Musica” (Music Moons). Already during the Roman period, the place was the seat of an harbour that afterwards became a marsh due to the withdrawal of the sea. the Massaciuccoli lake became a L.I.P.U. oasis. The lake, that was once an ancient coastal lagoon, became today the most important damp area in Tuscany (2.000 hectares).

Nature park of Migliarino San Rossore

The vast lake that the town stands on is the Lago di Massaciuccoli, a unique bird reserve that is part of the nature park of Migliarino-San Rossore. Boat trips around the lake are on offer on Piazzale Belvedere Puccini, usually with a Puccini soundtrack.The oasis can be visited on foot going along a pile-work pathway that goes across the marsh and allows to observe the most characteristic environment of the lake, ideal for bird-watching lovers. Visits are possible on canoes, small boats and even on boats (departure from Viareggio).

The area boasts numerous traditional food festivals, including pupporina, tordello, porcini mushrooms and polenta. We can eat there as well some interesting special dishes from Roman times :
Garum (sause from fish)
Mulsum (wine with honey)
Pane ficatum (bread with figues)
Torta di farro (cake from farro cereal)
Castagnaccio (cake from nuts)

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