Livorno’s Pallio dell’Antenna is an ancient race held since medieval times. This July race consists of four rowing boats battling it out for the prize. The race culminates with one member of each team climbing on the antenna, a stake driven in the water 10 meters high, to win the Palio, which is the classic “purple cloth.” 

With a distance of 600 meters the race lasts for a duration of 6 minutes.

To qualify for the Palio dell’Antenna, the vessels, which represent Livorno’s quarters, compete against each other in a pre-palio race called Palio della Terrazza Ma scagni. The first four boats must then row clockwise within a designated area of the sea before heading for the pole.

Prior to the race there is a historic costume parade with seventeenth-century clothing. The parade starts at the heart of the city culminating at all’Andana of the Rings.

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