Siena is an historic city in Tuscany, Italy. It is the capital of the province of Siena. Unesco has declared the historic centre of Siena a World Heritage Site. It is one of the nation’s most visited tourist attractions, with over 163,000 international arrivals in 2008. Siena is famous for its cuisine, art, museums, medieval cityscape and the Palio, a horse race held twice yearly.

There are many museums displaying artworks of Duccio Boninsegna, Iacopo della Quercia, Francesco di Giorgio and Beccafumi. Piazza del Campo, with Mangia Tower, is surely one of the most beautiful and exciting squares of Italy. The gorgeous Duomo (XII – XIII cent.), has a white marble facade with green and red marble inserts. The Palio is held the 2nd of July and 16th of August. Jockeys ride horses with no saddle for a few seconds race. These are exciting and much anticipated races.

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